Now it develops very effectively and brings excellent results to social networks, as they give high conversion rates and payback. In this article I will tell you about what posts can and should be done on social networks in order to attract subscribers and make sales, effectively promoting your idea. 
I recommend you today to apply my recommendations when creating a content plan for your account. It is simple and not expensive. How exactly to do it – look further …

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1) Challenge and provocation. Challenge existing information with which you disagree.

2) Myths and pitfalls. Tell your target audience about the difficulties in one of your business areas.

3) Review. Review an area of ​​your business.

4) Take a personal series. Tell your audience that for some time you will be doing something and offer to see what happens.

5) Social affairs. Surveys, sweepstakes, pranks – all recorded and interesting, without decree. For example, you shoot or tell about who out of 100 people used the GoPro camera at least once in their life (if this applies to your business. For example, you have an online store where you sell this product).

6) Back to the past. 
Share with other posts, posts from the past that you once did, but they have not been published anywhere.

7) Post a video or photo in an unusual place (Islands, Eiffel Tower, Pyramids in Cairo … 
People love the change of scenery in your content narrative.

8) Create a short and colorful video about you or a beautiful photo collage.

9) TOPs. 
Arrange the so-called chart. Hot ten, TOP 3 ways …

10) Forecasts. 
Tell people what you think about the upcoming event in your niche.

11) Humor. 
Tell people a funny story, anecdotes on your topic. Record a funny video banter.

12) Announcements. 
Tell us about the next issue, what you are cooking for Central Asia, etc.

13) Tell your story, or the history of the creation of your company.

14) SHOCK! Tell us about some sooo unusual thing.

15) Cases. 
Tell us about how a person took advantage of your service / product and what result you got from it.

16) Offer. 
Unique selling proposition, strictly limited in time.

17) Tell us about the past stage and what are your future plans. 
Let people see the scale.

18) Remove a short video or photo of your “shop”. 
Tell people how you create content, show your workplace, office, staff.

19) Personal. 
If the business is closely tied to your person, take advantage of this. Tell us what you are doing, take pictures, take pictures (more selfies).

20) Attend an event and tell viewers about it.

21) Tell people about a case from your practice / life.

22) What should those who are just starting to do business in your niche do?

23) From frogs to princes. 
Tell me sometimes how it used to be bad for you and now it became good (if it really was).

24) Create a special digest.

25) Take a video or photo of how you step by step do the difficult task for others ..

26) Tell us about your shortcomings and how you are working on them (this is done with good promotion. At first, it is better not to do this).

27) Tell us about your biggest failure.

28) Tell us about your greatest success.

29) Intimate 18+. 
Go to this point very responsibly. Need to hit the target. For example, I posted one video on the network …


I hope these content ideas inspired you to write a variety of posts for your account, no less than they inspired me. 
The main thing is to practice regularly. 
Productive work for you!