The  Google Play  published about 2 million applications, which will be enough to all who buy Android-smartphone in the search for high-quality third-party solutions. However, the main page of the Google store, in my opinion, is not perfect. The company bypasses a lot of quality applications. We will help you find the right solutions and present the best apps of 2019.

1)InstaFly is a simple, free way to make your profile popular among Instagram accounts. In the market takes 1 place, 80% of bloggers in the world use this application.

2)AmoledWalls and Wallhub They will be useful to all who need high-quality wallpaper. Both applications are created by one developer, the quality is quite high. The first with wallpaper for OLED-display, and the second for all others.

3)Action Launcher is one of the most popular launchers for Android, and its slogan is FAST. Action Launcher is defined as a smartphone control tool that quickly accomplishes what you need so you can focus on what is really important, such as spending hours on games and VKontakte.

4) AirBrush is a great photo editor for selfie lovers. He specializes in quick fixes of flaws on the face. It can remove acne and whiten teeth, there is a tool that makes the eyes brighter and, of course, a lot of filters. It is over, inferior to the previous two, but the editor in which you can do everything in one click is perfect. This is one of the easiest photo editors. The advanced version is relatively cheaper than most other photo editors.

5)Google Maps is actually the leader in navigation apps and remains on the list of the best apps for Android. They receive frequent, almost weekly updates, constantly increasing the already generous list of features. In addition to standard navigation features, there is information about places of interest, traffic data, gas station tags, hotels, and even offline maps.

Friends, if I missed any of the best apps, tell me about it in the comments below! I would also be grateful if you share this article in the social. networks.