In the era of the Internet, it has become fashionable to share events or thoughts with outside observers. Discussions about the semantic load of such a step are ongoing, and the number of those who want to declare themselves on the Web, meanwhile, is growing regularly, especially since you can make good money on a public demonstration of your own abilities.


Felix Chelberg is a Swedish video blogger who gained popularity on computer game playthroughs. More than 64 million people subscribed to his YouTube channel. We can say that PewDiePie is the # 1 blogger in the world. 
Such popularity carries a great responsibility. When millions of people from all over the world are watching you, you should be careful in speeches that 28-year-old Chelberg does not always succeed.


 Mark Edward Fischbach – one of the most popular and promising leysplerov on the 
Internet. His activities on YouTube started on May 26, 2012. He already has 800,000 subscribers, and this number is growing rapidly. In his video you will see Slender, SCP, Amnesia, Minecraft, Cry of Fear and many other popular and indie games. Mark himself is not going to dwell  
on only flysley. 
He plans to open a new channel MarkiplierTV, dedicated to sketch comedies. 


Jenna Marbles – nicknamed “The Girl with a Billion Clicks,” is rumored to have passed over $ 9 million. It’s not surprising: according to the same Internet, the number of Youtube subscribers to an extravagant girl has exceeded 17 million, and the number of video views has exceeded the unthinkable 2.5 billion Jenna Marbles 


Englishman Daniel Middleton is known for his reviews on various games, in particular the popular Minecraft. He set the Guinness World Record – “the largest number of views on YouTube’s Minecraft channel”. Daniel earned $ 16.5 million this year and ranked first on the Forbes list.


American video blogger and actor Paul Logan became popular after his video, which was posted on the Vine service. He started shooting a video at 10 years old, he uploaded them on his YouTube channel Zoosh. Now the guy has two channels: Logan Paul Vlogs (14.2 million) and TheOfficialLoganPaul (4.1 million), where he spreads weekly videos on various topics.

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