“Face “ Introduce your audience with you, introduce yourself, tell a little about yourself. People like to follow the accounts in which there is a “face”.

»LIFESTYLE« – Show your audience different sides of your life

“List of problems” Give a list of problems that solves your product, describe the benefits of your product

“BACKSTADE” Show your backstade production process, your “backstage”

“OPPORTUNITIES” Show the capabilities of your product in action

“In the LOB” Entertain the audience, and do not sell it “head on”

“IMPROVEMENTS  Tell us about the improvements in your work about improving the quality of your service

“RIDDLE” Make a riddle related to your product

“TIP” Give useful advice on the use of your product

“Purpose” Tell us how you can use your product for other than its intended purpose.

“Announcement” Make an announcement of the upcoming action

“Coupon” Place the electronic version of the discount coupon on your products, gift certificate

“Offer” Make a special offer to users of instgram (subscribers of your account)

“Begin” Tell us how everything “began”

“Plan” Tell us about the upcoming plans of the company

“Competition” Hold a competition among users instagram

“Stories” Tell us about the history of the creation of your product

“Fact” Give an interesting fact from the history of your company.

“Feedback” Post a customer review (perhaps it will be a repost from his page with his mention)

“Success” Tell us how thanks to you and your products the client succeeded

Case: Post a short case.

“Rewarding” If you were awarded your company or your product, tell us about it

“Poll” Create a poll among subscribers in instagram

“Charity” Post a post about how you or your company do charity

“Communication” Place a post calling for communication

“Philosophy” Share your philosophy of life

“Humor” Tell us about the curiosities that have occurred in your activity. Humor brings together

“Game” Play some game with your subscribers

“Employees ” Imagine Your Employees

“Questions” Answer the actual questions of your target audience

“Stories” Tell stories. This is a great way to get interesting to your subscribers.